Be a Part of Team Claire!

Stand up for Missouri

Thank you for wanting to be a part of Team Claire. With everything coming out of this White House and Republican leaders in Congress, sitting on the sidelines simply isn't an option, and together we can make a difference.

Below are 5 ways you can get involved and help move the needle:

Join our Digital Rapid Response Team

As we saw last year, there's an awful lot of noise and misinformation out there. Help us set the record straight by joining our Rapid Response Team. You'll work alongside our team to make sure that your networks of friends & family aren't just seeing #fakenews, they're seeing real news. 

Join our Editorial Team

Sending "Letters to the Editor" is still one of the most effective way to share ideas in our communities and hold your elected officials accountable. It helps to spread the word and puts a local, human face on issues. Members of our Editorial Team will receive periodic updates on issues facing Missouri, and if it's something that could affect you or your loved ones, we'll ask that you write a letter to your local newspaper, sharing your thoughts.

Organize in Your County

Help make a difference in every community in Missouri. Find a local organization or candidate to get involved with. Knock doors, make calls, sell cookies at a bake sale, give your time to local  organizing efforts that hold your elected officeholders accountable. One great option—though certainly not the only—is your local county #TeamClaire. These county-level groups throughout Missouri will be using all the tools above and more to help organize locally against the reckless policies of the Trump Administration and Republican leaders in Congress—and help Claire fight back against them.

Throw Us A Hashtag

Add #TeamClaire to your Twitter bio and send us a tweet at @McCaskill4MO to let us and your followers know that you're onboard!

Talk to Your Friends and Family

You are more powerful than you know when it comes to changing minds and bringing about positive change. Be proud of your beliefs and your values, and commit to sharing them with your loved ones. Politics doesn't just have to be a thing you fight about over Thanksgiving dinner. It can be about small things, that affect those around you. Maybe it’s about your local school having to cut the school play because it doesn't have enough money in its art budget. Maybe it's about the residents at your local seniors center being concerned about the cost of their prescriptions if healthcare is repealed. Make it local and make it honest, and people will listen.

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